What am I likely to hear?

What aircraft noise level am I likely to hear?

Guidelines, including the National Airports Safeguarding Framework (NASF), suggest that an outdoor sound level of 70 dB(A) corresponds to an indoor noise level of approximately 60 dB(A) with the windows open.  This is considered to be the sound level at which conversation and other indoor activities can generally be disturbed.

Perth Airport knows that residents of the region enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, supported by a mild climate and an abundance of warm weather and sunshine during the summer months, which is often reflected in building construction.  As a result, Perth Airport has adopted a conservative noise contour of N65.  This considers an indoor noise level of approximately 55 dB(A) instead of 60 dB(A) as suggested in the NASF.

How often does this happen in my area?

The N65 noise contour displayed in the map below illustrates the estimated average number of flights per day that exceed 65 dB(A) in 2016.

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