What are Perth Airport and industry doing to manage the impacts of aircraft noise?

Perth Airport has adopted the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) recommended ‘balanced approach’ to aircraft noise management for managing noise in the vicinity of the airport.  The balanced approach consists of identifying the noise issue at an airport and then analysing the various measures available to reduce noise.  The four principal elements of the ICAO balanced approach are:

  • reduction of noise at source,
  • land use planning and management,
  • noise abatement operational procedures, and
  • operating restrictions.

In collaboration with Airservices Australia, airlines, and other key stakeholders Perth Airport is developing a new comprehensive Aircraft Noise Management Strategy (ANMS) and action plan.  The new ANMS builds on the ICAO balanced approach to aircraft noise management.  In addition to a clear objective, the new plan is based on six key themes:

  • identifying opportunities for improvement,
  • community engagement,
  • working with industry to achieve better outcomes,
  • land use planning,
  • continuous improvement, and
  • new runway planning.

The themes establish the framework for the action plan which will outline individual actions and priorities for managing, and where possible, reducing aircraft noise as well as methods for monitoring and communicating performance.

Airservices has released their Commitment to Aircraft Noise Management document that outlines how Airservices intends to collaboratively address the impact of aircraft noise.

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